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Development and Metrology of Cinema Screens for Laser Illuminated Projectors Webinar| June 27

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Understanding Laser Illuminated Projector Safety Regulations

Presented by: Pete Lude, CTO Mission Rock Digital, LLC

Laser Illuminated projectors are replacing traditional lamp projectors in applications ranging from conference rooms to digital cinema theaters. In the US, the FDA recently published a new Laser Notice that updates regulations for the installation and operations of these projectors. In this webinar, you’ll learn the basics of laser projectors and why there are special requirements for deployment, including the various classifications or laser devices based on their emissions. You will learn the roles of regulatory bodies, including the IEC, FDA and ANSI, and the requirements for Variances under FDA rules. We’ll provide practical guidance for planning, installing and maintaining these projectors under the latest regulations, and answer commonly asked questions. No previous experience or expertise in projection technology is required. This Webinar is intended for everyone involved in the planning and deployment of new projection technology, including purchasing managers, system integrators, facility designers, operators and maintenance technicians.

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