Three levels of membership are available –Leader, Participant and Observer ‐ each with different benefits and requirements. Choose the appropriate level based on your corporate goals and interests for membership.

Membership Levels

Comparison of Benefits and Contributions

Benefits / ContributionsLeaderParticipantObserver
Direct representation on the BOD
and a vote on strategic direction
Invited to meet with regulators as LIPA1st Invitation2nd Invitation
Shared expense for common needs – research and SMEsXxx
Approve new membersX
Website links & logo placementsXxx
Speaking opportunities1st Invitation2nd Invitation
Chair committees – determine strategic direction
Committee Membership
Submit White PapersXX
Review White PapersX
Regular Industry NewslettersXXX
Neutral, non-biased information & education for customersXXX
Discounts on 3rd Party ReportsXXX
Briefing, Webinars & TutorialsXXLimited
Access to LIPA sponsored researchXX
Dues Level per year$17,000$5,000$1,700
In-Kind Contribution8/hrs/mo4/hrs/mo0

How To Join

To join LIPA simply download the 3 documents below and follow the instructions for each.

Once downloaded, complete this application in Adobe Acrobat, or print and fill in manually.  This document provides us with contacts for activities within the Association.  It is also where you will choose your level of membership.  This document is a legally-binding contract between the Association and your company.

Guidelines on how the association conducts its meetings to ensure compliance with Antitrust law.

Please email requests, membership applications and participation agreements to LIPA at

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