Laser Projection Schemes

There are several technical schemes for creating laser illuminated projector systems. The goal of designers is to get a evenly-distributed white light out of the optical engine and onto the imager. The optical engine is where the magic of taking whatever kind of illumination source is used, and manipulating it until the output is uniform (no hotspots) and and the right power to make a pixel perfect picture on the screen.

Bulb-Projection Scheme

RBG Laser Projector Illumination Scheme

Laser banks emitting discrete red, green and blue laser light provide excellent color and longevity for laser illuminated projectors.

Phosphor Laser Projector Illumination Scheme

Blue-Pumped Phosphor Laser Illumination provides cost-effective method of creating light to the imager. This scheme uses only cheaper blue leasers, and color is created with phosphors. Many smaller projectors are using this technology, although it is gradually making its way into small cinema projectors also.

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