LIPA Welcomes New Members

LIPA Formally Welcomes New Members at its Annual General Meeting

LIPA will welcome two new members at its upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) on December 7, 2020.  DIGITAL PROJECTION and FOXSTAR TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, LTD.

DIGITAL PROJECTION, a multi-line innovator of projection technologies, will join LIPA at the Participant (2nd) level.  Digital Projection will bring its broad applications knowledge and depth in solid state Laser and LED illumination technologies, including remote illumination.  Digital Projection was one of the earliest developers of TI DLPâ projection systems.  Founded in 1997, Digital Projection introduced the first 3 chip DLPâ-based projector.  It is now a leader in multiple categories of projection innovation. 

It’s new Satellite Modular Laser System won “Best in Show” at the recent Projection Expo 2020. This innovative design consists of very small “projection heads”, powered by self-contained, rack-mounted 10klm Laser illumination sources connected via optical fiber cable. 

Digital Projection, a Delta Associate company, offers a very wide range of high performance 3-chip and single-chip DLP projection systems with brightness levels up to 40klms and resolutions up to 8K.  

LIPA welcomes Digital Projection and looks forward to extending both our technology knowledge and regulatory efforts to address exciting new categories of Laser Illumination.

FOXSTAR, a projector OEM/ODM has joined LIPA at the Observer (3rd) Level. Established in 2012, FOXSTAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is engaging in the business of R&D, production, sales and services of DLPâ digital projectors for the world market. Products are widely applied in the industries of business, education, home entertainment and engineering, etc. The company is providing OEM and ODM services to famous projectors’ brands in the industry. The company will rely on its own advantages and provide users with the most considerate, most cost-effective and fastest commissioned design and OEM and ODM productions in the industry, creating value and competitiveness to clients and creating a more brilliant visual world for mankind!

LIPA welcomes FoxStar and its large family of branded OEM/ODM customers in the Laser illuminated projector space.  LIPA will formally welcome our two newest members at this year’s online Annual General Meeting, (AGM).  This year’s AGM will include speakers on Laser Regulation, Technology, Market Analysis, new applications of Laser Illumination and a panel discussion on the challenges caused by the global pandemic.

Interested in joining LIPA, please contact us at

LIPA announces the Date and Time for its Annual General Meeting, aka “AGM”

LIPA announces the Date and Time for its Annual General Meeting, aka “AGM”

The meeting will be held virtually on Monday, December 7, 2020, from 8am-12pm EST (New York Time); 5am-9am PST (LA Time); 9pm-1am China time; 10pm-2am Japan time; 2pm-6pm Europe Time.

This year’s program is taking shape with the following confirmed speakers/topics

·      Dr. Karl Schulmeister – Standardization Update
·      David Hancock, OMDIA – Global Cinema Market update and trends
·      Rosemary Abowd, PMA Research – Global non-cinema Market update and trends
·      Michael Cummings, TKArchitects – Cinema and Entertainment Venues – Market trends and the impacts of Laser Projectors on Cinema operations
·      A panel discussion on changes and opportunity in Cinema and Non-cinema markets due to Covid and other trends (Hancock, Abowd, Cummings)

We are still seeking additional speakers in the areas of technology and application trends and opportunities and will announce them as they are confirmed.  Suggestions and referrals are welcome, for speakers as well as new members.  []

Finally, the AGM will include our committee reports and a report from our chairman.

We all look forward to a productive and informative meeting and a more prosperous new year.  

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