‘Tomorrowland’ in Dolby Cinema: the best picture I’ve seen in a theater

Posted on May 22, 2015

In the Dolby Cinema presentation of Disney’s “Tomorrowland,” fiber-optic-fed laser light engines, 4K resolution, HDR contrast and Atmos sound combine to create a breathtaking cinema experience. Tomorrow’s theater experience can’t come home soon enough.

by Geoffrey Morrison @TechWriterGeoff

George Clooney’s grizzled face filled the screen, and I was in awe.

Not at the face per se, but at all the wrinkles. The individual creases and lines. Fine hairs and pores. Then there were the subtle variations in skin tones. Or how his white tunic was so bright (yeah, it was a different scene than the one above), yet the darkness of his hair was so deep.

It’s a face with which the world is familiar, but rendered with a level of fidelity I’d never seen.

I was sitting in Walt Disney Studio’s premiere cinema, the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, about to experience the most impressive all-around movie presentation I’d ever witnessed.

The sights of tomorrow

“Tomorrowland” is the first movie released in Dolby Vision, which we’ve been talking about for ages. It promises to deliver improved contrast, brightness and color for both theatrical cinema and home video, and in early demos we’ve seen, it lives up to the hype.

Dolby Cinema is a new type of theater certification, sort of like “THX” or “IMAX.” It combines all of Dolby’s various cinema technologies, including Dolby Vision as well as Atmos sound, 3D, and more. “Tomorrowland” is the first movie to take advantage of it all. “Inside Out” is next.

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