Recap – LIPA Educational Webinar “Novel Anti-Reflective Surface Treatment for Laser Illuminated Projector Optics”

Speaker: James P. Nole, Director, Business Development at TelAztec LLC.
Burlington, Massachusetts, USA (see:


LIPA provides its membership with exclusive, Laser illumination related educational webinars. These sessions include technology, devices, integration, optics, testing, applications, trend analysis; regulatory; business and market development and even “Blue Sky” topics, which are designed to stimulate new thinking about the longer-term direction of our industry.


The Telztec webinar was held on April 25, 2023. Jim Nole introduced the LIPA audience to the history and evolution of TelAztec and then did a “deep-dive” into its unique, optical surface treatment technology. Starting with general capabilities and processes, the presentation then reviewed the primary capability of interest – broad band, anti-reflection surface treatment for high power, laser, fiber, SLM and projector optics.

The last 15 minutes of the session were devoted to audience questions and a discussion of how the technology could support further improvements in Laser-Illuminated projector performance, reliability, and lifetime.

In Case You Missed It…

A PDF of the TelAztec technical presentation and/or a video recording of the session + Q&A, are available to LIPA MEMBERS ONLY by logging in to the LIPA member site, Documents section.

Engineers, R&D personnel, QA professional, reliability specialists will find the presentation both novel and useful. Please promote LIPA and its educational mission within your organization.

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