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SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – September 12, 2019 – According to the Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA) the laser-illuminated projector (LIP) industry is witnessing continued strong growth globally, with more manufacturers entering and introducing products across the spectrum of end-user markets, and with sales of LIPs beginning to outflank traditional lamp-based projectors.

According to PMA Research, the worldwide information experts on projectors, global LIP revenue grew by 30.8% since the same time last year. This new data was revealed by PMA Research in their latest report, covering the period of January through June, 2019. In an indication that the shift to LIP technology continues apace, the same report said that non-LIP revenue declined by 14% for the same timeframe.
Other growth indicators highlighted by PMA Research include:

  • Overall LIP technology captured 42.2% revenue share and 12.4% unit share in first half of 2019
  • In the digital cinema category, worldwide LIP revenue grew by 14.2% in the past year, with LIPS representing 60.0% revenue share during first half 2019
  • In China, the majority of units (53.1%) purchased for digital cinema were laser in first half 2019, compared to less than 5% in first half 2015.
  • PMA forecasts that for the full year 2019, worldwide LIP shipment value for digital cinema will be more than double that of lamp projectors
  • In projectors with 6,000 lumens or more, LIPs captured 68.2% of unit shipments and 78.6% revenue share – more than 3.5x revenue versus lamp illuminated projectors in same timeframe.

PMA Research said these numbers are for mainstream and high-end projectors (mainly with more than 1000 lumens) and do not include Pico/Personal units.
“These numbers, from such a credible source such as PMA Research, tell us at LIPA that our industry is thriving,” said Goran Stojmenovik, Chairman of LIPA. “It is obvious to us that the transition from lamp-based projector technology to laser-based is well underway and that’s very good news for our industry as a whole, and our member manufacturer companies, especially.”
This strong growth for the first half of 2019 follows on from a very successful full year in 2018, where the industry witnessed significant LIP revenue growth of over 40%, including product categories from home theater to high-end digital cinema.
“Considering the successful year the industry experienced in 2018, it was extremely encouraging to see that continue during the first half of this year,” said Rosemary Abowd, Senior Analyst at PMA. “And we are now on the cusp of a significant replacement wave for older, lamp-based cinema projectors. With manufacturers continuing to expand their laser lineups, it’s clear that the future is bright for LIP in digital cinema.”
“LIPA, representing a large number of LIP-industry players, is very pleased to be able to highlight this positive news for our members. As an industry association, it is important to us that we can use such data to inform the industry that we are experiencing unprecedented momentum, and it looks set to continue. Our role at LIPA is to promote the industry and we believe we are having a positive effect, and ensuring that all manufacturer members get the support they need, and also to work with regulatory bodies around the world to streamline standards, making it easier for our members to produce and deliver these increasing numbers of products,” Stojmenovik added.

In addition to the strong growth numbers from industry research firm PMA, LIPA observers attending industry events this year saw an increase in number of LIP products being announced and more manufacturers entering the market.

For example, at this year’s InfoComm in Orlando, LIPS were very prominent with more than a dozen different manufacturers offering laser-illuminated projectors for applications across the spectrum, from home theater to commercial projectors for large public spaces. According to one LIPA observer, there did not appear to be any projector manufacturers that were not offering at least some laser-illuminated products. LIPA believes that in a few short years, laser illumination has grown from a novel, advanced feature to become a mainstay of every projector line today.

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