Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA) Elects New Chairman and Officers

Posted on June 22, 2015

San Jose, CA – The Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA) is pleased to announce the election of new officers for the organization which is focused on speeding the adoption of laser-illuminated projection systems across multiple venues, including  theaters, theme parks, museums, planetariums, schools, and businesses facilities.  Assuming the role of Chairman is Jan Daem of Barco; Vice Chairman is Michael J. Biber of Dolby; Finance Chair is Greg Niven of NECSEL and Regulatory Business Committee Chair is Dave Schnuelle of Dolby.  These officers, elected by their peer directors, will serve the organization through May 2017.

Mr. Daem, the new LIPA Chairman, has broad experience with laser illuminated projectors from both the product development and regulatory perspectives and will provide LIPA with many advantages in relating to its stakeholders and members.

“Jan has served previously as both European Regulatory Committee Chair and Finance Committee Chair and has achieved important goals in harmonizing new international safety standards worldwide.  As LIPA has not yet completed its goal to simplify global regulations for laser projection, I look forward to working with Jan to successfully achieve that primary mission,” said Heidi Hoffman, managing director of LIPA.

“LIPA members have devoted significant time and financial resources toward standardizing and rationalizing the regulatory and classification requirements currently existing for LIP systems.  They have shown strong leadership in creating new safety standards and turning them into actionable advice for our customers,” notes Jan Daem, product safety validation engineer for Barco.  “I am honored and looking forward to leading the organization through the final stages of regulatory reform with the U.S. FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), and developing best practices for manufacturers our end-users.”

LIPA recently observed its four-year anniversary and has realized significant accomplishments, including a continued focus on science-based worldwide safety standards for laser-embedded products.  The recently announced, final publication of IEC 62471-5:2015, an addition to the soon-to-be-updated 62471 base standard, provides practical guidance and measurement criteria for determining installation and operational standards. The organization is also focused on the U.S. regulatory situation, for which there is no consistent method or timeframe for adopting international standards into US regulations. As well, LIPA continues to be a leading voice in education of LIP systems for customers.

About LIPA

LIPA was founded in May, 2011 to speed the adoption of laser illuminated projectors into theaters, and other public spaces worldwide by providing the information needed to enact regulatory change and educate stakeholders.   LIPs are enabling movie theater and conference room audiences to enjoy higher quality and dramatically brighter images, especially in 3D, while lowering operating costs and reducing power consumption.  More information about LIPA is available at

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