Bill Beck, aka “The Laser Guy”, Rejoins LIPA as Communications Consultant

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – July 10th, 2020 LIPA, the Laser Illuminated Projector Association, has hired Bill Beck, a Laser Projection pioneer who co-founded the organization in 2011.  Beck’s primary objectives will be to assist the organization in its plans to raise its profile, broaden its marketing efforts, increase membership and accelerate the safe adoption of Laser illumination technology.  He will assist LIPA’s directors and members with articles, blog posts, and other communications vehicles to support LIPA’s communications strategy and its founding principles:

  • To be a single industry voice in rationalizing laser regulations.
  • To provide companies a forum to develop evaluation methods and provide that information to standards bodies.
  • Educate key constituencies.
  • Coordinate best practices.

Beck’s pioneering work on Laser illumination for projection began in 2003.  He was founding CEO of Laser Light Engines, an early developer of fiber-coupled, universal laser “engines”.  He and his co-founders’ goal for LIPA in 2011, was to rationalize and clarify regulations governing the use of lasers for projection light sources.

The founding impulse for LIPA was the emerging Digital Cinema application and the plans of many LIPA members to add Laser Projection to their DC product lines.  Regulatory reform was slow at first; the application was radically different in its use of lasers (non-collimated beams) and would be deployed on a much larger scale, i.e., Cinemas.  Today, Laser (illuminated) projectors are rapidly displacing lamp-based projectors, not only in Cinema, but in many non-cinema applications as well.

The immediate goals of LIPA’s Communications working group (CWG) are to support on-going regulatory work, in particular for high-brightness projection, and to support the critical marketing efforts of its members as businesses re-emerge from Covid-19 closures and operating restrictions.

Beck’s longer-term goal is to help LIPA expand both its founding principles and membership in anticipation of new applications for Laser Illumination technology in projection and beyond.

About LIPA

LIPA was founded in May 2011 to speed the adoption of laser illuminated projectors into theatres and other public spaces worldwide by providing the information needed to enact regulatory change and educate stakeholders. Laser Illuminated Projectors are enabling higher quality, brighter images, more efficient power usage and lower operating costs for projector installations from movie theatres to classrooms. Learn more at


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