The Differences

Lamp vs. Laser Illuminated Projectors

For most projectors, there is no outer change in the size or shape of a laser-illuminated versus a lamp-illuminated projector.  As illustrated below, it is an internal-only ramification and can have no effect on the outer casing of the projector.

Projector designers basically create a new optical engine, powered by lasers, rather than a bulb.  The engine is also different in the makeup of the optics and lenses which homogenize the laser light into a broad light field covering a full-spectrum of colors.  The microdisplay – which could be a DMD, LCOS or LCD* – and final projection lenses are virtually identical in both style projectors.

Bulb Projector


RGB Laser Projector


Blue Laser Projector


*DMD® = Digital Micro Display
LCOS = liquid crystal on semiconductor
LCD = liquid crystal display