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5:00 AMWelcome & Chairman’s Annual ReviewGoran Stojmenovik, LIPA / Barco  
5:10 AMLIPA Membership UpdateWei Gu, LIPA / Appotronics & Anabel Martinez, LIPA  
5:15 AMCommunications Chair and Committee UpdateMark Roslon, LIPA / Epson Bill Beck, LIPA / BTM Mark Roslon, Director Product Management, North America is responsible for Epson’s commercial projector and augmented reality businesses, including strategy, planning, roadmap, Go-to-Market, and lifecycle management.  Mark joined Epson in 2010 and led the Strategy and Market Analytics group before moving into Product Management, initially with responsibility for point-of-sale solutions in Latin America followed by leadership of the scanner, consumables, and consumer SW/UX product lines in North America.  His prior experience includes management consulting and product engineering.  Mark holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Bill Beck, Highly accomplished photonics visionary with proven start-up, general management, and technology marketing experience. Driving force behind the acceptance of laser illumination by the Digital Cinema market. Pioneer in both solid-state laser illumination and specialty fiberoptics.
5:25 AMRegulatory Business Committee Update Goran Stojmenovik, LIPA / Barco  
5:35 AMThe new European consumer laser product safety standard EN 50689Dr. Karl Schulmeister, Seibersdorf Labor GmbH Karl Schulmeister holds a Ph.D. in biophysics on modelling of the risk for laser induced retinal injury. Karl is a consultant on laser and lamp product safety at the Seibersdorf Laboratories in Austria with 25 years experience. He was project leader for the latest edition of the international laser safety standard IEC 60825-1 and the recent European amendment. Over the last ten years, his group developed a computer model to predict injury thresholds for the retina, which was used to support the 1 meter testing distance in IEC 62471-5 for projectors. Karl has been serving as consultant for LIPA since 2013.
6:00 AMProjector Market Overview – Pandemic Chain ReactionRosemary Abowd, PMA Projector Market Overview – Pandemic Chain ReactionSR. ANALYST, PMA RESEARCH LTD.
Rosemary’s career in technology began in hardware and software product development with various start-up and big tech companies, including ten years as a third-party developer for Microsoft.  Over the last 20 years her focus has been on market analysis and research, consulting with technology companies, monitoring and forecasting which new concepts will evolve into hits and which will fizzle into obscurity.  Rosemary’s work with PMA Research covers market analysis and forecasting for consumer and professional displays encompassing front projection and an ever-growing assortment of flat panel display products including LCD/OLED/QLED and direct-view LED technologies.
6:20 AMCinema Rebuilding After Existential CrisisDavid Hancock, Omdia   David will present some data and thoughts on how cinema is coming back after a harsh 18 months.David is a leading expert on the global film and cinema market, and played a fundamental role in the conversion of cinemas to digital projection and distribution technology over the past decade, both in his OMDIA (formerly IHS Markit and Screen Digest) role and as Board Member and currently elected President of the European Digital Cinema Forum.  
6:40 AMUltra-Short-Throw 4K Laser projection TV  (UST 4k LaserTV)Wei Gu, Appotronics / FormovieChina LIP Market and LaPh Tech Update Currently I am the sales director in Cinema BU in Appotronics which is the main laser projector company in China. I hold diplomas on computer science and management.  Before the 10 years’ working experience in projection industry, my career started at Philips semiconductors R&D as embedded SW engineer, then I led a team in multiple R&D functions, 5 years ago my role changed to business field in projection industry.  
7:00 AMNichia Laser Presentation for LIPA 2021Brian Montalbano, Nichia AmericaNichia Laser Presentation for LIPA 2021Brian Montalbano is a Senior Manager for Nichia America Corporation and has promoted RGB laser diode solutions for more than 8 years.  He leads a team focused on development of new markets for Nichia’s laser diode and UV LED products.  Brian holds a BE in Chemical Engineering from Villanova University and an MBA from Penn State Harrisburg.
7:20 AMOn Study of Multi-Emitter Semiconductor LaserCaspar J.W. Ruan, FoxconnMulti-emitter semiconductor laser has become a very popular design recently. It has advantages of lower optical absorption in lasing process, lower threshold current and consequently lower heat generation.
In this talk, we will present approaches to handle complicated optical behavior of multi-emitter laser. The first one is optical simulation method with analytical single emitter assumption. The second one is an image analysis approach to examine uniformity of optical output between emitters on a single chip.
These practices could lead to useful processing in laser package manufacturing and useful modeling for projector optical design.
Caspar Ruan, R&D Leader of Hon Hai Laser Projection Light Source. Caspar got his master’s degree at National Taiwan University. The training he got at NTU was employing computer program to do mathematical computation for physics problems. He had published papers about computational electromagnetics in international journals J. CMES and workshops.
He had overseen ODM projector include lamp, LED, and Laser projector as a technical leader of digital projector team since he joined Hon Hai in 2010. Later 2020, he became the architect of Industry LiDAR team of Hon Hai, and now he is leader of laser projection light source team in Hon Hai.
7:35 AMLaser Phosphor + Hybrids (incl. laser TV) technical update Appotronics Dr. Yu Xin, AppotronicsChina LIP Market and LaPh Tech Update 
7:55 AMProjecting the Future of Projectors (and other Display options)Pete Lude, Mission Rock DigitalProjectors have been a keystone of display technology for nearly a century, with applications ranging from classrooms and institutional venues to premium large-format movie palaces.  We have benefited from a steady march of innovation from analog film to digital, and light sources evolving from carbon-arc to mercury-vapor, xenon arc-light and most recently (of course!) laser illumination.
But are the days of projector dominance drawing to a close? In this session, we will be exploring the progression of direct-view displays, including OLED, LED and micro-LED’s, with some prediction about where these are heading.  You’ll learn about how newly immerging HDR standards, and how direct-view displays might enable these new imaging formats. You will also get a glimpse at new technologies soon coming to market which might help improve the performance and lower the cost of future direct-view display technologies. 
Pete Ludé is prominent engineering consultant in advanced imaging and sound. He serves at CTO of Mission Rock Digital, a San Francisco-based engineering firm specializing in next-generation media including cinema display technology, virtual production, immersive sound, and interchange pipelines for plenoptic (light field) imaging. Ludé is past president of SMPTE, and a SMPTE fellow. He currently serves as co-chair of the ASC Plenoptic Imaging committee, Chairman of IDEA – the Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance, and is a frequent speaker on the future of cinema, volumetric imaging systems and advanced display technology. 
8:15 AM Phase ModulB20ation for LIPsKristofer Oberascher, Texas InstrumentsLaser Technology and Laser Illumination Projection systems have come a long way in recent years. These advancements have enabled new projection system types and complimentary technologies. This brief introduction to Phase Light Modulation (PLM) gives an overview of how one of these works and what types of systems it enables.Kristofer Oberascher is an Opto-Mechanical Engineering Manager and Systems Engineer working inside the DLP® Products group at Texas Instruments. During his tenure in DLP, he has spent time working on product development, hermetic packaging processes and metrology, and developing optical projection systems. He currently leads the effort for Phase Light Modulator Pixel, Panel, and System development to enable a next generation of projection products.
8:30 AMLaser Illuminated LightingAlberto Alfier, Osram-ClayPakyLaser Technology in Show Entertainment Alberto Alfier is head of Innovation in ClayPaky, a subsidiary of ams-OSRAM and global leader in Entertainment.
After 8 years spent as an accredited researcher in Laser Photonics applied to Plasma Science, he joined Osram & the world of illumination growing his lighting competences in R&D departments. He worked on professional and industrial products, e.g. streetlighting, horticultural, UV sanification, then embracing entertainment market in 2015 when OSRAM acquired ClayPaky. Here he focused his expertise in photonics to sustain and innovate ClayPaky product portfolio through technology roadmaps harmonized with  continuous customer and technology market explorations.
8:45 AMLaser Lighting Updates from Kyocera-SLDGreg Niven, Kyocera This talk will provide updates from the Kyocera-SLD perspective on high power laser-phosphor light sources for projection and on low power RGB sources for AR/VR applications.
Gregory T. (Greg) Niven has been working in the laser business for over 30 years, with many of those years focused on using lasers for a variety of imaging and projection applications. He has worked with Coherent, Novalux, Necsel, Ushio and now Kyocera-SLD Laser and has sold into almost all of the leading projector manufacturers. Greg originally comes from Canada (and still plays ice hockey!), but now makes his home in Silicon Valley, California.
9:00 AMQ&A/WrapUp

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