Three levels of membership are available – Leader, Participant and Observer ‐ each with different benefits and requirements. Choose the appropriate level based on your corporate goals and interests for membership.

Membership Levels — Comparison of Benefits and Contributions

Benefits / Contributions Leader Participant Observer
Direct representation on the BOD and a vote on strategic direction X
Invited to meet with regulators as LIPA 1st Invitation 2nd Invitation
Shared expense for common needs – research and SMEs X X X
Approve new members X
Website links & logo placements X X X
Speaking opportunities 1st invitation 2nd invitation
Chair committees – determine strategic direction X
Committee Membership X X
Submit White Papers X X
Review White Papers X
Regular Industry Newsletters X X X
Neutral, non-biased information & education for customers X X X
Discounts on 3rd Party Reports X X X
Briefing, Webinars & Tutorials X X Limited
Access to LIPA sponsored research X X
Dues Level per year $25,000 $10,000 $2,500
In-Kind Contribution 8/hrs/mo 4/hrs/mo 0

Principles of Operation:

  • LIPA will use its critical mass to foster a positive and receptive business environment for laser based projectors
  • LIPA will focus on all laser illuminated projectors –  except for pico-sized
  • LIPA will be open to all participants that wish to contribute to the stated mission and subject to Board approval.
  • LIPA will provide guidelines and promote adoption of laser-related standards, but not seek a voice in the standards-setting process.
  • LIPA will expect members at the Board and Participant level to dedicate staff resources and actively participate in LIPA activities
  • LIPA will promote education and best practices throughout the value chain
  • LIPA will not impede current product sales or current product shipments, focusing efforts on communicating the benefits of lasers and realistic product timelines.