LIPA Completes Comprehensive Report on Laser Illuminated Projector Systems

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December 1, 2014 – San Jose, Calif. – The Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA) today released a comprehensive report entitled, Laser Illuminated Systems: Technology and Regulation, on the status of Laser Illuminated Projection (LIP) systems. The report was created to provide customers, regulators, and other stakeholders with a ready reference to the technology, markets, safety, current and required regulations, as well as the advantages, of laser illuminated projection.

A theme throughout the report is the need to update outdated regulations, which are hindering the development, sale and enjoyment by eager audiences of LIP systems. The report provides the technology facts to debunk the perception among some uninformed observers that lasers, no matter what their application, are dangerous. It includes descriptions of the testing and assessments that have been done to update safety standards by experts and provide regulatory authorities with the data to initiate fact-based safety procedures for the operation and maintenance of LIP systems.

“The current US regulations for lasers requires that a LIP system be treated the same way as a laser beam, when, in fact, the laser light is transformed within the product to be almost identical to the light emitted from a lamp-based projector – such as those widely in use today,” notes Heidi Hoffman, managing director of LIPA. “In our data-driven, visually-intensive culture, improvements in products that deliver those data and pictures, are necessary and sought after by a wide range of businesses. As well, when LIP systems are adopted, savings in energy usage are realized, while promoting environmental-friendliness.”

The report is available through LIPA member companies as an additional educational tool for their customers and suppliers, as well as other stakeholders, such as safety and regulatory officials worldwide.

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LIPA was founded in May 2011 to speed the adoption of laser illuminated projectors into theaters, and other public spaces worldwide by providing the information needed to enact regulatory change and educate stakeholders. LIPs are enabling movie theater and conference room audiences to enjoy higher quality and dramatically brighter images, especially in 3D, while lowering operating costs and reducing power consumption. More information about LIPA is available at

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Heidi Hoffman, LIPA Managing Director