Primary Objectives

LIPA members believe that laser projectors hold many advantages over traditional projection techniques and that by joining their voices they can improve the business and regulatory environment for all.

Primary Objectives of LIPA

as adopted in May, 2011

  1. To be a single industry voice in rationalizing laser regulations. Inappropriate and outdated governmental regulations put onerous and costly requirements on cinema exhibitors who integrate laser engines into their projectors. We believe regulators are willing to consider new, appropriate requirements, but wish for all industry stakeholders to speak with a single unified voice.
  2. To provide companies a forum to develop evaluation methods and provide that information to standards bodies. Laser projectors hold the potential for numerous benefits for theatre owners, including dramatic reduction of operating costs, expanded color gamut, as well as increased 3D brightness. Methods of evaluating laser benefits needs to be developed and needs to be provided to standards organizations for review and ratification at an industry level.
  3. Educate key constituencies. Education and safety will continue to be key concerns for all stakeholders in the value chain and LIPA can assist in compiling and dispersing this information.
  4. Coordinate best practices. Even with their many advantages, lasers still need to be handled correctly and safely. LIPA as an organization is well-situated to help projector-users to understand and implement best practices in handling their laser based systems.

LIPA membership is encouraged for ALL companies active in the area of laser illuminated projectors — since all companies will benefit from the market-opening activities in which LIPA specializes. It is also a valuable networking forum. Visit the membership pages to learn about more benefits from LIPA membership and join our activity.